11 Gifs Explaining Why Breaking Bad Should Win at the Emmys

breaking_bad_5b_teaser_poster_0SPOILERS AHEAD!
Breaking Bad‘s brilliant final season deserves all the accolades coming to it (see our Emmy predictions here), but why? Here are 11 reasons why Breaking Bad should win at the Emmys.

So Hanks finds out about Walt in the premiere, but instead of lashing out, in true Heisenberg style Walt says:


When Hank gets a little to close, Walt makes this little ditty.


After Jesse discovers that Saul stop the ricin from Jesse to give to Brock, we see a very angry Jesse.


Then when Meth Damon… I mean Creepy Todd… I mean Todd pays Andrea a visit to keep captive Jesse in line, we see sad Jesse.


But neither of those compare to happy Jesse in the finale. Emmy him, bitch!


In the instant classic “Ozymandias” we see the end of ASAC Schrader… I don’t have anything funny to say. That was just plain sad.


Poor Walt… not like you caused this or anything.


The Skyler becomes a BAMF when Walt tries to get them to leave.


However, there is some shred of the Walt we used to know when he protects Skyler with this phone call. Emmys for everyone!


Skyler: If I have to hear one more time that you did this for the family–
Walt: I did it for me.


Goodbye Heisenberg. We will remember your name.

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