The Top 10 Unreleased Lana Del Rey Songs You Need In Your Life

Lana Del Rey has an entire library of unreleased songs. These are some of our favorites!

It seems like just yesterday the queen of floral crowns bestowed upon us her first masterpiece of an album Paradise. While beautifully written songs with thought-provoking lyrics like “Born To Die” and “Off To The Races” are readily available, Lana Del Rey (Elizabeth Grant) has an immense body of work that has gone unreleased. You may have noticed her sexy, sultry track “Black Beauty” on her album Ultraviolence, which was a track that was long unreleased until her decision to incorporate it into her latest album. This post is to celebrate the beauty and talent of a singer-songwriter who is simply outstanding at crafting vulnerable lyrics and songs of self-loathing that still make you feel like a 1960s beauty queen.

1. “Angels Forever”

With her enigmatic voice, Lana has created yet another mystifying track that, in my opinion, would have fit quite well in one of her albums. A melody of Rock and Roll guardians fused with gorgeously entrancing vocals from the stunning Lana has resulted in the masterpiece that is “Angels Forever.” This has to be one of my favorite Lana Del rey songs released or unreleased. It is simply strikingly poignant.

2. “Serial Killer”

The lyrical murderess takes to “Serial Killer” with a more up-beat melody with lyrics professing a love that is just a little too strong to be healthy. Beguiling lyrics layered over a beautiful melody solidify this song as one of her best unreleased tracks. Lana even performs this unreleased song as a part of her set when touring, and fans wait with eager anticipation for the latter portion of the song when Lana emits a tantalizing, lustful moan that her audience adores.

3. “Backfire”

With an infectious initial beat, Lana takes to this track with a love that was created to be destroyed. A love that would simply and inevitably backfire. I would have enjoyed to have had this track on her album Born To Die, but I am happy to have it any sense. With ravishing vocals, Lana conjures a story of lovers lost and those who could not change.

4. “Queen Of Disaster”

With her most up-beat and lively melody, Lana asserts herself, rightfully so, as the Queen of Disaster. This song, in its simplest definition, is just so pleasantly fun, bubbly, and effervescent that I cannot help but be drawn to it. With a 60s stylish flair, this track beguiles her fans with the sounds of a lost era and a glamorous age which we can only dream of with nostalgia.

5. “Trash”

“Trash” is on the far end of the spectrum in comparison to “Queen of Disaster.” With mysteriously esoteric lyrics paired with an elegantly simple yet gorgeous melody, Lana makes “Trash” simply beautiful with its glamorous and captivating charm. I adore Lana Del Rey for creating a soothing, relaxing melody that is just as infectious as her other elegant and alluring tracks.

6. “Jump”

A magnificent song with a radiant beat and vocals layered with stoic lyrics of drug abuse, death, and the love of an older and dangerous man. This song is what I would define as Lana Del Rey. A beautiful voice of a wayward soul careening dangerously down the highway of life with the aim of dying young and leaving a beautiful corpse behind.

7. “Driving In Cars With Boys”

Another quintessential track of Lana Del Rey serves to reinforce the lyrics of red lipstick, dangerous living, rock and roll, and mysterious boys that surround her sexy, delinquent life. With an ability to make the grunge and danger of her unruly life sound like a beautiful lullaby, Lana has created yet another gorgeous track layered with danger, beauty, death, and a pretty corpse.

8. “JFK”

What can transport you back to the era of sex, love, glamour, and rock and roll more than a song about such an iconic president and time in history? “JFK” is another striking track that evokes within the listener a sense of rock and roll and a lost time. An intrepid love song that is simply one of the most stunning songs of her unreleased body of work.

9. “You, Mister”

A soft melody with even softer lyrics create a warm and soothing song. Lana’s voice is that of an exquisite angel in this track, and I immediately find catharsis when I listen to this mystifyingly delicate song. “You, Mister” encapsulates the warm and tender beauty of Lana Del Rey’s voice with vulnerable lyrics that speak from her heart directly.

10. “Prom Song (Gone Wrong)”

Finally, Lana creates a magnificent song that will make you remember your first, true love, and she does so by crafting a beautiful melody with soothingly sweet vocals. A track of young love that would last a life time, “Prom Song” earns its rightful place among these other 9 masterpiece songs. This beautiful song evokes within the listener a tale of young love that would never die and eternal, blissful youth.